Part 1

Exercise 1.4


This was an interesting exercise, something I had never done before.  I do feel that my skills in framing are lacking and looking at objects in this way so that the object of the photograph is not necessarily in the centre of the picture was new to me.  I chose to photograph the fountain in the formal gardens at Blenheim Palace.  These pictures were taken on a sunny day with the camera on Aperture Priority, and auto focus.

I feel the first 3 pictures of the fountain are dominated by the box hedge and stone wall. The fountain is squashed into an area at the top of the picture.  Pictures 7, 8 and 9 show too much of Blenheim Palace in the background and again dominates the pictures.  My preference is picture 6.  The fountain is clearly the object of the picture, and there is a feeling that there is more to see to the left, particularly as a tourist can be seen heading in that direction.


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