Galleries, Exhibitions and Study Visits

Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2018

Saturday 31 March I went to the Photographers Gallery to see the Deutsche Borse Photography Foundation Prize exhibition.  I gained more than just the experience of viewing an exhibition, this was the first study day I have been to.  All the others in the group, apart from one person, were ahead of me and had been to a number of study days, so they knew what to expect.

I was very moved by the study of the effects and influence of the chemical giant Monsanto.  Mathieu Asselin had spent 5 years researching this, and I expected him to win the competition.  However the winner was Luke Willis Thompson who had made a video based on the original footage of the murder of a black American by a white American policeman.  The victim’s partner had filmed the incident, and posted on social media.  Thompson took this forward and the result was a silent film highlighting the effects the event had on those close to the victim.

I didn’t know until 2 days before that the study days are also opportunities to get feedback on our work.  I took along some work, although it was difficult to see because my printer wasn’t working very well and we were sitting in a dark corner of a local pub.  Nevertheless, everyone looked at my work and I had some very useful feedback and comments.  Thank you Jayne for holding a torch above us!



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