Part 3

Exercise 3.2 – Time Lapse and Speed

Time Lapse

I photographed this flower over a period of 8 hours.  I set up the a flower with a black background, the camera on a tripod.  Using a remote shutter release which can be set up as an interval timer, I took a photograph every 5 minutes.  I used a 100mm macro lens but realised I should have used a flash as well.  Unfortunately the pictures turned out a little dark.  I maybe could lighten them using photoshop, but I prefer to leave them as they are as a reminder on what not to do in future.



Next I took some photographs of moving traffic from a motorway bridge.  I should have taken a tripod but was able to balance on the hand rail of the bridge. The first photographs were taken on a slow shutter speed to blur the images.  Then I took additional photographs using the panning technique.  I think I need a lot more practice at this!  Also the angle was not good.  I needed to be alongside the traffic, which of course is not possible on a motorway.

I intend to repeat this exercise after dark to get some interesting  patterns from the headlights.

In this next photograph I attempted to use the panning technique, but was disappointed with the result.  More practice needed.

Excercise 3.2-speed07


Moving Bluebells

The first photograph was taken by turning the zoom lens slowly while the shutter was open and the second and third photographs were taken by rotating the camera as the shutter opened.  Very simple process with interesting effects.


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