Creating a series

Creating a series of photographs is not as straight forward as I once thought.  I now realise having created what I thought were a series of photographs of the canals, that they should all have been taken on the same day.  I took two sets of photographs on different days and as a result the ambient lighting, the weather and the time of day all affected the outcome of the photographs.  Following a conversation with my tutor, I went through the contact sheets and reselected a series which were all taken on the same day.

So I have learnt so far that a series is not just a selection of photographs.  A series must tell a story, have a cohesive element and be similar in the way each photograph has been taken.   If exhibiting a series, then the examples should be mounted/framed in a similar way.  I have been to exhibitions where the installations have varied, but this is usually because there may be more than one series within the exhibition. So another concept to add to the mix when taking a number of photographs of the same subject.

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