Photographing the ordinary

Rinko Kawauchi, a Japanese photographer who works with nature and light and creates images of everything around her from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  Nothing is too small or mundane to be photographed.  I was particularly drawn to the example below  because despite the brightness of the colour, it is a fragile and short lived image.  Within seconds of taking this photograph, the image will have disappeared.

Untitled, from her photobook: Hanabi,  © Rinko Kawauchi

In this image below, again she has captured the fragility and temporary nature of life.  The bubbles will have burst very soon after she took the photograph.

© Rinko Kawauchi


Laura Letinsky created a series of photographs entitled “I did not remember I had forgotten” in 2002.  The series depicts leftovers, crumbs, used crockery, stained tablecloths. These images were not intended to be depressing, but showing what has been.  Again, as in the case of the examples of Rinko Kawauchi’s work above, it is temporary.  Waiting for the cleaner to come along and clear away the dishes.  She said:

I was interested in the narrative end-point of the leftover, of what remains, what resists, not as a depressing or sad place, but as all that we ever really have, what has been handed to us.

[Susan Bright, Art Photography Now, Page 110]



I did not remember I had forgotten, Untitled No63. © Laura Letinsky


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