Part 4

Exercise 4.3

Artificial light

The main difference between artificial light, especially at night, and daylight is that it is constant.  As shown in exercise 4.2 light during the day changes.  It may be because of the time of day and the position of the sun in the sky, causing shadows to lengthen or shorten, or because of cloud cover, masking the effects of the sun.

The photograph below is of a canalside pub, showing the lights and reflections in the water.  This was a challenge because there are different colours in the pub lights, and large areas of dark.  I had the ISO low and a the white balance setting on auto.  The camera was set to aperture priority, which increased the shutter speed.  I hand held the camera but was able to balance it on a wall opposite the pub to ensure the photograph was in focus.

Rock of Gibralter Pub

I then took a series of photographs of our local golf club buildings and buggies. The camera settings were the same as for the above photograph.

Finally, I stopped on a motorway bridge to film the traffic.  The results were not as clear as I had hoped because it was extremely windy and even the tripod was shaking.  I will be returning at a later date, and I will take something to secure the tripod to the railings!  Hopefully I will be able to produce clearer images of the traffic.





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